Friday, January 1

Happy New Year Everyone!  Keep up the good work!  We will post workouts that you can do from home or at the track on the days when the gym will be closed.

Remember, always warm up a bit before doing the Workout.

Post your times in the comments section.


Run 5k

Thursday, December 31


Row 500m

Top Mobility

Bottom Mobility

10 Ninja Mobility

10 Russian Lunge

20 Squats

20 KBS (30/15#)

x2 25 PVC Thrusters (Use Medicine Ball as base)

Really work on getting comfortable with these because

Monday we will use them in the WOD

10 Body Weight Rows (Set barbell on squat station basement brace and pull chest to bar)


Modified “Eva”

5 Rounds

Run 400m

30 KBS (50/25#)

15 Pullups


Pat 45:12 (Outside)

Art 35:00

Evan 25:21

Sarah 25:31 (Outside)

Wednesday, December 30

Workout Courtesy of CrossFit Midland


Run 400m

Top Mobility

Bottom Mobility

10 Ninja Mobility

20 Russian Lunge

20 KBS (25/15#)

x3   15 Supermans

10 Bear Squat Pushups

10 Good Mornings

(Place PVC in back squat position then bend at the waist until

torso is parallel to the floor.  Keep legs as straight as possible.)



Virtual Shoveling (25/10# Bumper Plate, Short Plyo Box)



Pat 11:17

RX’d Art 9:36

Chanda 10:47

RX’d Drea 11:46

Anna 11:00

Sarah 11:05

RX’d Casey 11:06

RX’d Evan 11:16

Kyle 13:43

Kim 10:19

Tabatha 10:15

Tuesday, December 29


Run 400m

Top Mobility

Bottom Mobility

10 Ninja Mobility

20 Speed Skaters

x2   5 Right Leg Box Squats

(Hook Left Toe on a box and squat using right leg,

similar to a lunge with your back foot on the box)

5 Left Leg Box Squats (Hook Right Toe)

15 Medicine Ball Cleans (20/12#)

10 Sit-ups and Back Extensions on Glute/Ham Developer


As Many Rounds as Possible in 15 Minutes

10 Man Makers (30/15# DBs)

10 Jump Squats (Full Air Squat jumping as high as possible at top)

7 Knees to Elbows

Saturday, December 26


Run 400m (.25 miles)

Top Mobility  (Shoulder Rotations, Push Press, OHS – x 10)

Bottom Mobility (Hip, Knee, Ankle rotations – x10)

100  Jump ropes (50 normal, 25 right leg, 25 left leg)

10 Russian Lunges (Lunge with twist towards up leg at bottom)

x2 – 15 Supermans

15 Squats

10 Bear Squat Push-ups


5 Rounds

15 Ball Slams

10 Pull-ups

10 Walking Lunges

Decemeber 18th

Kim and Chanda Level 1 Certification

Welcome to the new site!  This will be the Home of the Dexter Demon Fitness Center.  New workouts will be posted daily along with any schedule changes that may occur.  So stay tuned.

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